The boutique NFT drop by editor and co founder of Blockleaders, Jillian Godsil, went on sale today on the Wax blockchain, via the NeftyBlocks application. All packs sold out in less than three minutes.

Standard and Premium packs were available which contained 5 and 10 NFTs respectively. Packs are now for sale on the Neftyblocks secondary market, with a portion of the NFTs also being made available on the popular Atomic Hub secondary market..

“In a word, delighted,” said Jillian Godsil, author and artist of the sketches. “I also want to thank my daughter Georgina who managed all the variants of each sketch and the socials for all.”

Thanks are extended also to Adam Bouktila from DMerch who oversaw the project giving advice, to Juan Paniagua and his team at NeftyBlocks, to Steve Morgan from Royale Music for his support, and to my other daughter Kathryn for helping out too. Finally thanks to Graffiti Kings Legend Darren Cullen for believing in me.


The subjects range from Mr Bitcoin Andreas Antonopoulos to Liberland President Vit Jedlička to the late and infamous John McAfee. The book is a snapshot of blockchain during covid at the end of last year.

Author Jillian Godsil went onto to sketch all 42 subjects included in her book. Her art tutor over lockdown described her style as a cross between Roald Dahl’s illustrator Quentin Blake and a five year old – with the five year style having dominance.

“It’s been a fun experience to convert my subjects from words to images and thence to NFTs,” says Jillian. “I enlisted the help of my horse mad daughter Georgina to create the variables for my images. We had fun guessing who was who – I hope you enjoy getting the NFTs as much as we had making them.”

Persons of Interest, Timestamped in Blockchain and Cryptocurrecy, Vol 1, the book follows the paths of 41 prominent people working in the sector; some are very high profile and some less so, but they all share a passion for blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Jillian is a fintech journalist with more than 30 years international experience across the world. For the past five years Jillian travelled from her rural village in Ireland to chair blockchain conferences across the world – from Dubai, Kiev, Muscat, Columbo, New York, Austen, Cape Town, Amsterdam, Vienna, London and Dublin.

Jillian is co-founder of Blockleaders, and is a freelancer for Coin Telegraph, the Irish Times and Coindesk.

In her travels Jillian was privileged to meet with some of the inspiring founders, gurus, experts, thinkers and in some cases chancers from this dynamic world; the energy is boundless, the optimism endless and the pace relentless.

This book is for anyone interested in this sector, focusing on the saucy, thoughtful, quirky, energized, crazy, intelligent, and inspiring players in the space.

From world Presidents to Models on OnlyFans – this line-up could only be found in the weird and wacky world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Andreas Antonopoulos – ‘We must be patient’

Tim Drapers’ eyebrows make a special appearance

John McAfee ‘On his tombstone – Lover, Adventurer and Poet – but not yet.’

Vít Jedlička ‘Who has thought about founding a country?’

Richard Ells ‘Make Crypto mobile’

Jon Noorlander ‘Disturbingly Satisfying Digital Art’

Samson Williams ‘Nothing in Space is Free’

In all, there are 41 interviews in this collection with a foreword by Sonic Capital CEO and ex CEO Stefan Rust, a short history of money by Marc Coleman, IBEC heavyweight and economist, and an afterword by Sean Ballent, co founder of Cryptowriters and editor to this book.

Dip in, dip out – and find out what makes the Persons of Interest in this exciting world tick.

The full list of blockchain celebrities captured in word, art and NFT are:

Dr David Koepsell – Who Owns your Data?

Anish Mohammed – why DeFi will improve Traditional Finance

John McAfee – On his tombstone – Lover, Adventurer and Poet

Jessie Riche – Playing Games on Blockchain

Bridget Greenwood – Baking a Bigger Pie for Women

Andreas Antonopoulos – We must be Patient

Andrew Hamilton – JPB Liberty files David and Goliath Class Action

Eric Lonergan – Angrynomics; the Book Satoshi Nakamoto never Wrote

Philipp Kothe – From Dog Food to Charity

Vít Jedlička – Who has thought about founding a country?

Jax Harrison – Can Blockchain help stop human trafficking?

Jordan Lyall – $MEME; the DOGE of DeFi

William Quigley – The Art of the Hustle

Teana Baker Taylor – Regulating the Financial Sector

Richard Ells – From Crypto to Cash

Joel Comm – Saving the World one NFT at a Time

Jon Noorlander – Disturbingly Satisfying Digital Art

Stefan Rust – Save the Planet and Earn Money

Erica Stanford – Curry, Crypto and Networking

Robin Schmidt – the Defiant

Lafayette Tabor – Infinity Token Generation

Tanya Hardie – Helping the Unbanked earn Crypto

Edward Buchi – Running Meaningful Hackathons

Simon Cocking – Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

Stefano Contini – Get Paid to watch Porn

Daniel Polotsky – Driving Mass Adoption one Bitcoin ATM at a time

Sukhmen Nijjar – Filming Tim Draper’s Eyebrows

David Harney – The Future is Emerald

Nikolay Shkilev – Building a Marketplace where Everyone Wins

Evan Vandenberg – NFTs; the new Drug for the Digital Classes.

Samson Williams – Nothing is Free in Space

Alex Fedosseev – Engagement is King

Rhiannon Fletcher – Blockchain and BDSM / BodybyCrypto

Aly Madhavji – What VCs want

Heather Montgomery – a new Playroom for Adults

Mru Patel – Asset Backed DeFi

Sebastiaan van der Lans – In a Trusted World

David Waslen – Automating Trades

Pete Wood – from Police Suspect to Successful Entrepreneur

Jason Wu – Trust, Trust, Trust

On Yavin – Scam Hunter

Marc Coleman – History of money

Sean Ballent – Afterword