From award-winning journalist Jillian Godsil comes a book on blockchain and cryptocurrency. Available to buy from various outlets including here.

Persons of Interest, timestamped in blockchain and cryptocurrency by Jillian Godsil, reviewed by Simon Cocking

First up the cover is great which is always a positive start. From there the introduction is conversational but informative. Godsil has managed to curate a wide and interesting range of speakers in the book. Early on comes one of our favourites, John McAfee, sadly still detained in a Madrid jail, for what looks like political petulance. Across the book the author aims to deliver a light, but smart and informative style as she explains her choices and the insights gleaned from her conversations with them.

We really enjoyed the range of people featured (personal disclaimer the writer of this article is one of those profiled but even that felt like reading about a third person, and was based on an interview done by a 3rd party, so we just skimmed that chapter, too much like listening to your own voice). With that caveat noted the other chapters zipped along well and Godsil has done a great job in capturing so many different personalities and characters within the sector. As she acknowledges in the foreword it is a moment in time, but it proves to be an interesting and diverse collection of voices.

Godsil has always been a passionate advocate of blockchain and it’s potential for good.  She also flew around the world, many times, for Irish Tech News and also Cryptocoin.News covering events, speaking and MCing, so she was well placed to write this book. She mentions that she plans to do a second edition and it will be interesting to see who she captures in profile for that book too.


The book’s blurb

This book is for anyone interested in this sector, focusing on the saucy, thoughtful, quirky, energized, crazy, intelligent, and inspiring players in the space. From world Presidents to Models on OnlyFans – this line up could only be found in the weird and wacky world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Andreas Antonopoulos – ‘We must be patient’
Tim Drapers’ eyebrows make a special appearance
John McAfee – ‘On his tombstone – Lover, Adventurer, and Poet – but not yet.’
Vít Jedlika – ‘Who has thought about founding a country?’
Jon Noorlander – ‘Disturbingly Satisfying Digital Art’
Samson Williams – ‘Nothing in Space is Free’

Also, if tech is not your thing, then perhaps horses are. A couple of years ago (2016) we ran a fundraiser to buy a field for our rescue horses – didn’t work then but maybe it might now. All profits from the sale of the book are going towards Toby and Deano. I’m not allowed to insert a link but google A Field for Toby Jillian Godsil and you can read the story of the two rescue horses.

Published by Jillian Godsil in association with The Writer Company Pty Ltd

Artwork by Lars Kommienezuspadt