Welcome to my new website in support of my non-fiction writing on blockchain and cryptocurrency. However, such is the speed, innovation and novelty in this sector sometimes I think my blockchain writing reads more like fiction. For those of you regretting you missed out on being an adventurer of a previous century, stop and pause here – because we have it all.

I mean where else could you find a President of a new country nestling on the side of the Danube between Croatia and Bosnia? Not only new countries, but new explorations into space where astronauts become mere drivers of rockets ferrying the real adventurers into space.

Or maybe you want to buy bitcoin at an ATM. It’s very possible in more than 3000 retail outlets across America facilitated by a young student who bootstrapped the business. Or would you like to be paid to watch porn? Or read about BDSM from a talented crypto writer and model on OnlyFans? Or delve deep into the bowels of the financial systems and find out if we can make it better. What about Art on the internet? Or exploding heads. Or Non Fungible Tokens or the original OG of crypto reciting poetry. It’s all within the covers of the first volume of Persons of Interest. Enjoy.

Jillian Godsil